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The Magician

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The Magician Tarot Card Meaning

Inspired, creative, and tapped in. 🪄 He holds an intention in mind, knowing all is possible. A charmer when need be, smooth with his words… leveled up in this thinking 🧠. He is no longer “winging” life; His point of view has evolved. He takes matters into his own hands yielding results in his favor. In tune with his power and the laws of the universe. Realized his capabilities and reinvented himself as a result. Nothing can stop him. ✨The true epitome of “if there’s a will, there’s a way”. He knows this to be true because he IS the way. Intention with precise movement is what he does best. His action comes naturally; backed by enthusiastic inspiration. Confident and skilled in whatever he sets his mind to. Unstoppable at his best. ✨


  • Impressive

  • Skill / Talent

  • Communication

  • Music

  • Writing/speaking

  • Ideal person

  • Limitless

  • Original

  • Qualified

  • Intrigued

  • Intentions

  • Clever

  • Conscious creation, manifestation

  • Awareness

  • Inspired/interest

  • Self reliance


  • Manipulation

  • Unrealized potential

  • Shady

  • Hidden intentions

  • Indirect “jabs”

  • Using others instead of their own “tools”

  • Reliance

  • Passive aggressive

  • Using power/leverage at the expense of others.

  • Selfish

  • Cunning/malicious

  • Con artist

  • Unconsciously creating/manifesting

  • Imposter syndrome

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