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The Fool

The Fool

He is no one yet can be anyone. Fitting in nowhere but also anywhere. He cannot be defined, or labeled. For he changes in any moment based off how he feels or what life throws at him. Or perhaps even based off a whim of inspiration or creativity! Always becoming something new. The symbol of innocence, fresh beginnings, and ignorance is bliss. He journeys off into the unknown expecting nothing and taking things as they come ! Living in the moment and winging it is what he does best. He is a blank canvas. Full of potential, optimism, and hope. Some may say his blind faith is naive at times, but he isn’t too worried about where things will lead. Nor is he worried about the consequences of his actions. Life is his high. He takes things as they come. Discovers himself as he goes. Walking to the beat of his own drum, he travels light. Only taking with him what is needed. Which he has learned, that often times it is a lot less than what we originally thought. He knows things may not work out perfectly yet proceeds anyway. Life is his teacher. The vastness of experiences and spontaneity is what brings him life. ever changing and open to anything. Wise in his own way to know not to take things so seriously. For what is, isn’t what will be. Life will change yet again, and he will adapt. This is only the beginning. All is to be had and seen. ✨

Key points

  • blind faith

  • New beginning

  • Winging it

  • Spontaneous

  • Humor

  • Careless

  • Optimism, or more so… unbothered which presents itself as a freedom

  • Clueless

  • Innocence

  • The now and yet to come

  • Living in the moment

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